Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Sovereign Citizens


Myself and another man are in a plain crash over a region of the Middle East which is controlled by tribal leaders who have their own set of very harsh rules. We are taken in by the locals.

 In order to survive until we are able to find a way back home I decide to just do my best to fit in.

 My friend does not agree to go along with any of their laws or customs.

 They give us each a small cap that men are required to wear when in public which I put on my head.

 My friend refuses to wear the head covering and argues that he is not subject to their laws.

 Taken before a tribal leader he explains again that he has never signed a contract or agreed to abide by their laws.

 When they force him to kneel in front of the executioner he explains that he does not accept their authority to cut his head off.

 Later, as the kids are using his severed head as a football, I'm back at the village eating stew and flatbread next to a warm fire as a local offers his daughter to me as a wife along with 10 goats.

 His daughter is kind of cute and the weather here is pretty nice.

I'm going to have to think about it.


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