Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why I love the city

While many may sing the glories of country living or small-town life (and understandably so) I have to say that while my wife, Julie, and I were out last night I was all at once aware of so many things that I love about the city;

The buildings;
Old next to new, humble next to extravagant. One window displaying the retro-clothing from another time now back in style while through another window you can see a cat, a potted plant and a TV...a peek into a whole world which is someone else's life.

The smells;
Coffee from the shop we're sitting in front of, the odor of steak or burgers being grilled a few doors down, exhaust fumes, flowers blooming, cigarette smoke, someone's cologne...these smells come and go.. sometimes quickly...sometimes lingering.

The sounds;
People talking, laughing, arguing and calling to their dogs to "come on"...plates clanking together inside the restaurant next door, music from street musicians and passing car's radios, the sound of a bird in the tree above me and the rumble of passing cars and motorcycles.

The people;
The punked out kids in their leather, the well-heeled couples behind the large window of a bistro drinking their wine, the groups of pretty college girls giggling as they bounce past in their flirty summer clothes, the scowling bikers on the corner sitting in front of "Starbucks" with their venti lattes and the guy with the guitar sitting in the doorway singing and playing in hopes that another dollar or two will be dropped into his open guitar case.

Then there's me in my hawaiin shirt;

Sitting at the little metal table along the sidewalk with Julie just taking it all in.

I'm glad to be right here, right now.

I love the city.