Monday, March 17, 2008

Keeping a Clear Head.

Politics and world events.


So just how does one stay on top of the political world, in terms of the biggest issues of our day, without coming to the point that they need to go out and get drunk or simply shoot themselves in the head?

I'm one those people who didn't pay much attention to politics until 9-11.

Yeah, shame on me.

Of course I was aware of the hostage crisis in Iran, the fall of the USSR thanks to Ronald Reagan's tough stance in world politics, the whole keyhole-peeping period when Bill Clinton was publicly humiliated...but then again, who could have possibly escaped an awareness of such high profile situations?

Since 9-11 I've decided to begin paying closer attention.

Through my many hours of reading everything I could get my hands on I've learned more than I could ever want to know about the very real threat of Islamo-facism, the very UNreal threat of man-made global warming and about all of the differences between the two, less-than-perfect, major political parties in our country when it comes to world affairs, American values and issues of personal freedom.

Of course in the end I came to realize that the two parties could easily be renamed as the stupid party and the insane party...but when it comes to those issues that I feel are paramount I have no choice but to throw down with one of them even if I don't agree with them 100% all of the time.

Frankly, if you are NOT seeking a career in public office yet CLAIM to agree with either party 100% of the time I would suggest that you are either 100% deluded or 100% dishonest.

But forgive me for I digress;

The truth is that despite my be a well informed voter I often find myself turning the TV from the evening news to reruns of The Man Show in order to escape the depressing and never-ending stream of rhetoric, sensationalism and mud-slinging that flows through the conduit of the media.

I find myself skipping past the CNN and Drudge Report websites and going to straight to or in order to relieve the pressure on my brain.

After all, news about stupid criminals or photos of bikini-clad British cuties is infinitely more appealing than the latest on who's throat has been cut by some group of savages (on camera!) or which politician has been caught hiding bribes in his freezer.

So how does one continue on as a well-informed citizen while not being driven to the brink of despair?

How does one keep a positive attitude without burying their head in the sand and becoming the all-too-common uninformed...yet highly opinionated...voter?

Beats me.

Maybe they should legalize pot and start giving a major discount on Moon-pies and Frito's.

That way we can smoke and munch while we sit in front of the evening news absorbing all of the fearsome and angering information we need while knowing that it's worth hanging on a bit longer...if only for that next toke and combination of sweet and crunchy at our finger tips.

In any event, keep your chin up and hold fast pilgrim;

The bumpy ride may only be getting bumpier but there will be...there has to be...a light at the end of the tunnel.

We just need to keep on keepin' on until that light is once again within sight.


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