Monday, September 27, 2004

Fun Snacks For The Whole Family

You know, we Americans take a lot of heat for giving names to products that resemble funny phrases when translated in other countries.

But if we are indeed as good at the above as we are often accused of then I would like to nominate the Japanese as the reigning champs of giving products names which unintentionally bring a smile to one's face.

I offer the following as proof positive that the good executives who labor away in the "Land Of The Rising Sun" deserve some kind of award...or perhaps some remedial English courses... for their ability to give their goods names that overshadow whatever they were hoping to communicate as reason to buy said products.

Here are a few legitimate snack products from a real Japanese food manufacturer. thanks.

I dropped a piece of toast on the floor this morning. Is that the same?

Does this go well with the first one?

Got one already. Don't need two thanks. But hey, I'll give you a call if I change my mind.


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